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El Camino

An Epic Journey Awaits

Join our transformational pilgrimage along El Camino de Santiago and celebrate your true, innate power.

Is walking El Camino on your ‘bucket list’?

Are you in transition and wanting space and time to reflect on ‘what’s next’?

Are you celebrating a milestone life event?

Are you seeking a travel experience that aligns with your deepest values?

Are you looking for time and space to find inner capacity to lead a more authentic, meaningful, and resilient life?

When it’s time for a change you feel it in your soul!

A close up of the El Camino de Santiago trail marker on a sidewalk with backpackers blurred in the background.

An epic journey awaits you on El Camino de Santiago

Chelle leads an annual transformational pilgrimage to El Camino de Santiago, Spain to celebrate the power of the sacred place and the pivots and transformation of people.

Our route features coastal beauty, pristine sandy beaches, beautiful vineyards, and winding rivers along the stunning, sun-drenched coast of Portugal and Galicia, Spain.

We offer finely-crafted small group pilgrimages and retreats for leaders, and individuals to foster personal and professional development.

We welcome and support people from diverse racial, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds, gender identities, languages, ages, abilities, immigration and socio-economic status, and spiritual practices.

Our focus is to cultivate leadership from within, helping badass, adventurous leaders:

  • Align personal and professional values with service and action in the world.

  • Nurture trustworthy relationships to support greater clarity, confidence, courage, and community.

  • Cultivate mindfulness and reflective practices to sustain and inspire leadership.

  • Promote personal and professional development that supports transformation.

  • Lead with clarity and purpose, while bringing integrity and humanity to the places we live and work.
Chelle on the Camino; she's wearing black sweater, tan hiking pants, wearing a red backpack and sunglasses. She's standing in front of a green frield and a wooden cross.

Chelle's Story

Chelle left a 20-year executive career in Fortune 50 companies, and now focuses on helping badass leaders unleash their career and professional edge. This includes, improving mental fitness and positive intelligence, taking an inner pilgrimage to clarify one’s vision and purpose, and strategic coaching for professional development.

In 2014, Chelle walked El Camino de Santiago from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela, and came back with a message that has been the foundation of her life since. Listen to her story.

Are you ready for an adventure?!

Walk the El Camino de Santiago along the Portuguese Coast Route from Porto, Portugal to Santiago de Compostela, Spain

September 23rd to October 4th, 2022

Register your interest now, and save the date! You’ll be the first to know when the details are finalized and the books are open. Don’t miss out on a transformative experience of a lifetime.

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